STEM:IT Kit - Meeper Robotics Kit


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Need an extra Meeper Robotics STEM:IT Kit to complement your STEM:IT Curriculum?  Use this extra kit in your makerspace or run your STEM:IT lessons in more than one classroom at a time.

Meeper Robotics STEM:IT Kit 

  • 9 meeperBOT 2.0
  • 9 Meeper Circuit Controls (MCC)
  • 350+ Circuits Components
  • Meeper Controller & Coding App
  • Hundreds of Building Bricks (including Snap to Brick Connectors)
  • Meeper Stickers
  • Axle Packs & Screw Packs
  • Meeper Screwdrivers

Meeper STEM:IT Kit (9 Meeper Sets) provides robotics for a group size of up to 35.  One Meeper Set includes one meeperBOT 2.0, one Meeper Circuit Control, a Snap Circuit Project Pack and Brick Project Pack, and is great for a team of students (2-5).  Bring some additional Legos and get ready to Robot:IT!

Need Curriculum?

The leading STEM curriculum in the United States, STEM Fuse' STEM:IT Curriculum used in thousands of schools, will now include robotics and circuits! 

STEM:It Powered by Meeper contains twenty new Robotics and Circuit lessons using Meeper Robotics & Circuit Controls and components in the Meeper Robotics STEM:IT Kit


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