X - Combo Package - meeperBOT 2.0 & Super Heroes Batman Tumbler – 7105

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Get your hands on the Super Heroes Batman Tumbler kit with your very own meeperBOT! Customize your kit to fit onto our meeperBOT and make it your own design. Once you've finished attaching your kit to a meeperBOT, connect via Bluetooth on our MeeperBOT 2.5 app and race them with your friends! Have some fun! 

Super Heroes Batman Tumbler

  • Something kids will enjoy doing with their friends
  • Comes with 325 pieces


meeperBOT 2.0!

meeperBOT 2.0, one of the most versatile remote control toys on the planet! The meeperBOT is studded platform that is powered by two motors and controlled by our meeperBOT Controller App on your smart device. MeeperBOT turns your brick kits and creations into movable masterpieces. Connect creations to this power platform to bridge physical and digital learning.


  • Build a brick-block creation with Lego®, Mega Bloks® and other compatible bricks.
  • Download the Smart App Controller from the App Store. Connect your BOT.
  • Drive!


meeperBOT Features:

  • Durable ABS plastic chassis is fully brick-block compatible
  • Features a front hitch, back hitch and removable wheels
  • Dual, rear-wheel 300 RPM motors
  • Bluetooth “BLE” sensor-driven. Bluetooth enabled device is not included.
  • Available in 8 Wheel Colors: BOT Gray, Neon Green, Wild Berry Purple, Meeper Blue, Brick Red, Blaze Orange, Supernova Yellow, or Deep Space Black
  • Requires 9V battery

Smart Controller App Features:

  • Smart Phone Controller App makes your creations move; available for Apple or Android; It turns your SMART Phone or Tablet into the Remote Control Device
  • Three Controller Drive Modes: Touch, Power Leash, and Tank
  • Includes single and multi-BOT Control. Control up to 8 BOTS at one time!
  • Program Your BOT! Use program commands and watch your BOT execute your code!


X - Combo Package - meeperBOT 2.0  & Super Heroes Batman Tumbler – 7105
X - Combo Package - meeperBOT 2.0  & Super Heroes Batman Tumbler – 7105