What's a Meeper?

A meeperBOT is more than just a STEM toy - remote-control, programmable vehicles with free Controller App -- attach your bricks and go!   Our BOT was created by kids, for kids.  Little do they know, it's educational too!  There are endless possibilities when using the meeperBOT, just check out our Activity Zone!

A STEM robotics toy that combines education and fun.  The meeperBOT is a studded platform canvas that can turn your brick kits and creations into movable masterpieces.  The state-of-the-art controller App works on phone/tablet/kindle on both iOS and Android.

Build your brick-block creation with Lego®, Mega Bloks® and other compatible bricks. Download the free meeperBOT Controller App. Connect to your meeperBOT and Drive!

meeperBOT is the most full-featured, versatile motor-controlled toy on the planet, bringing a whole new dimension to traditional brick-block play. What will you create? Build, Download & Drive!

Here's everything you'll need to start selling meeperBOTs:  

  • MeeperBOT Brochure - Get some information about the meeperBOT and feel free to distribute 
  • Reseller Agreement - Fill this out and send it to info@meepertek.com to qualify for Wholesale Discounts and become an authorized reseller of MeeperBOT and Decool
  • Classroom Kits Brochure - Get some information about our classroom kits and feel free to distribute 
  • Product Catalog and Wholesale Order Form - Contact us for pricing and ordering!

For questions or orders contact: info@meepertek.com 

The MeeperBOT 2.0 comes in 8 different colors with 8 different wheelsets. 

MeeperBOTs are available at a discount to wholesale - MSRP is $55.00. 

Wheel packs are available at a discount to wholesale - MSRP is $11.00. 

MOQ is only 6 BOTs but if you buy 24 get a free DEMO BOT to drive your sales.  


Check out our selection of Decool Kits

We offer a Lego® competitive kits to our resellers. Just as cool at a lower price.

Meeper is the Exclusive US Distributor of these Amazing DeCool Kits! 

Massive Kits with hundreds of pieces!   Monster Pickup, Mining Dump Truck, Semi Race Truck, Offroader Jeep, Offroader Dragster and Super Heroes! 

Contact info@meepertek.com for ordering info:

  • Keystone or better for you - available for as low as $10
  • Low MOQ to get you started
  • Great customer value: 40-200% Less Cost than Lego or other kits
  • Great build videos, graphics and more
  • Cool, great quality and tested with our meeperBOTS!


Offer Products to Local Clubs, Camps, Schools, & Libraries with Meeper Classroom Kits at HUGE DISCOUNTS

Believe it or not, MeeperBOTs are educational as well as fun!  Classroom Kits are available in 12, 24, 48, and 96 packs to schools, clubs, camps, & libraries.  Our learning guides push activities that establish connections with Science, Technology, Education, and Math.  

Offer our Classroom Kits to provide STEM experiences for hundreds of children! Each kit includes Learning Guides, meeperBOTs, screwdrivers, stickers, and axles.  


Pricing, Positioning, and Selling within the store:


We have mapped pricing that cannot go below $49.99.  We do sell meeperBOTs for $54.99 on our website, however, anyone that buys from us will have to pay around $6.75 is shipping pending their location.  We have seen that especially during fall and holiday that Specialty Store can sell them for $60.00.  Many stores sold out prior to Christmas and ordered more last year.


Positioning and selling within the store 

It is ideal to place the meeperBOT in the EDU, STEM, Coding, section of your stores.   It is a toy, however, I have also been successful positioning the meeperBOT as a “STEM Learning Platform”; the BOTCode helps with the early beginnings of coding.    In addition, you are able to highlight “bricks” work great and the meeperBOT brings Bricks to life.   If you sell Lego’s I would place a couple in that section as well, however, it may be overlooked as many think to themselves this is not Lego and overlook it.   

As a dad of three, I have spent literally $1000s of dollars on Legos.  With investment in a meeperBOT I feel there is a ROI on that Lego spend.    The Legos & bricks that are no longer in builds rather they are in bins come back out with the meeperBOT.   Cool Creations are built and the meeperBOT brings them to life – this is happening all over the world.     Also, a simple ping-pong ball becomes the game of soccer, add bricks to create the goals, use bricks for jersey (Red, Blue, Green; Yellow, Green, Yellow etc.); add a catcher aka plow in front and the back of a meeperBOT for extra control.   Then choose your three timeouts wisely.  Hours of fun!


Positioning and Advice from one of our stores in Michigan:   Advice from a Peer

TinkrLAB, located in Okemos MI, has had great success selling their Meeper BOTs! Check out Melissa’s advice on selling practices that have worked the best for her:

 TinkrLAB words of advice:

With tinkrLAB, we realize that the products we push are the products that sell. When we have something that we hand a kid or tell a parent “I have to show you this”…. that item will always sell out before others. So we have internally determined the products that we are going to push. Meeper Bot is one of them. 

Another huge selling point is that Meeper Bot grows with the child. It can be for a little one who just wants to use the remote, all the way up to the kids who want to figure out how to use the Bot Code. We have set up mazes a few times and the kids have had to code their way out of the maze. 

A Quick Trick For selling multiple bots to one family:

“We have a table set up like a football field with Legos and a football. The kids have to battle it out on the football field with the Meeper Bots to get a touchdown. We always try to have 2 or 3 out that can be played with. When the siblings realize that there can be competition that doubles the sale. No longer is it “well we will get one and you can share it”. They all need their own.”

– Melissa, tinkrLAB


“The coolest toy on the planet” - J   Truly bringing Fun, Learning & Joy to the world.

Videos released:

meeperBOT 30 seconds


meeperBOT Intro BOTCode Activities


meeperBOT for Teachers & EDU - "STEM Learning Platform"



Meeper STEM

We have published the new Meeper STEM section to our website discussing how the meeperBOT hits on all four pillars of STEM learning.  In addition, we have released associated materials for Learning Guides, How To’s, Activities and our Classroom Kits.  Teachers and librarians love this product – lowest cost, easiest-to-use, most versatile robotics product available.  Here is more information.:

  1. Meeper Story & Coloring Book. An introduction to the Meeper story and characters with comic coloring pictures for kids to color as well as Comic templates to create your own story and templates.
  2. "How-to Meeper "Guide. Get all the basics of How to Meeper -- including Connect, Drive, BOTCode, Comics, and all the great features of the meeperBOT and the Meeper Controller App.
  3. Meeper Learning Guides. Check out our newly released Learning Guides! Great lessons that align with key standards and hit on all four pillars of STEM as well as the Arts! Get your Classroom Kit and the Learning Guides are included.
  4. Meeper Classroom Kits.Get your Classroom Kit for your library, school or makerspace. The Kits include meeperBOTS, Learning Guides, Meeper Controller App and lots of accessories. 
  5. Meeper Activity Zone. Don't miss all the fun things you can do with your meeperBOTS -- races, demo derby, parades, Soccer BOTS, Sumo BOTS and more!


Finally, here more about our Meeper STEM mission and focus from our CEO here.


Let’s grow together!  Let me know if you need graphics or if you have additional questions.

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