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How do I start using my meeperBOT?

  1. Download the meeperBots App in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.
  2. On your phone or tablet, turn on your Bluetooth
  3. Launch the Controller App
  4. Install a 9-Volt Battery in your BOT
  5. Turn on your BOT (switch on the bottom)
  6. Scan for BOTS.
  7. Select the BOTS to connect to and start playing!


Where can I get the Controller App?

The Controller App is Free!


meeperBot is not connecting

If your meeperBOT isn't connecting to your device there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot before contacting us:
1. Replace the 9 Volt battery in your bot with a new, unused battery.
2. Try closing all apps on the device.
• For Apple devices you can do this by double clicking the home button and swiping the apps off the screen.
• For Android devices, you can go to the Settings and then Apps which will give you a list of all apps that are open so you may close them.
3. Restart your Bluetooth radio. You can do this be going into the settings app and turning Bluetooth off, then turn it back on.
4. Check for an OS update, sometimes this can affect the device's connectivity.
5. Reboot. Try to fully power down the device and restart it.



    If I have multiple "bots" how are they controlled separately on the same device?

    After you download the Controller App, you will select the BOTS to connect to, you can connect to four or more BOTS, name them, pick your icon and switch between them to control them separately or Mirror them to control them all at the same time.


    Smart Device compatibility

    The meeperBots are compatible with smart devices that support the 4.0 version bluetooth (BLE). If you are unsure if your device is compatible check this list. http://meeper.myshopify.com/pages/smart-device-compatibility.

    The ideal tablet is the iPAD mini; this is a large enough screen to highlight the BOTCode.   At our shows we use iPhones, typically there is not time to highlight and showcase the BOTCode; this is better for a class experience or at home.   Using the iPhone or Apple devices helps to create the same experience over and over.  It works GREAT! Our experience with Android devices while less expensive they may not be as fast and the user experience is not as good.   Please note it does work, however using Android devices compared to Apple devices the experience is different and more challenging in an education environment.

    Here is the site that we have purchased our Roadshow devices from.   www.gazelle.com  we specifically use the iPhone 5s    (the iPhone 5s does have Bluetooth 4.0)  


    the site also has IPADs at a good price

    Please note you do not need cell phone service – however you will need one SIM card initially to setup and connect to your Wifi.   (SIM Cards are specific to each carrier; meaning do not buy Verizon iPhones and AT&T iPhones unless you have an Verizon SIM card and AT&T SIM card.  Keep it simple buy one carrier’s. Once you install the Operating System there is no need for the SIM Card; it can be pulled out and used in another phone to set it up.  When the phone reboots after you pull the SIM card out it will state there is no SIM card; just state “OK”. You will be able to connect to WiFi without a SIM Card.


    Get Help with a broken meeperBOT

    Sorry to hear your meeperBOT isn't working. Please contact us and we will let you know if we think your bot needs a trip to the Meeper Garage.

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