What is STEM? 

STEM learning looks for learning guides that integrate science, technology, engineering, and math.  Educators everywhere are quickly adopting STEM education to give students an edge in becoming future leaders in fields including technology, science, and economics. STEM instills life-long lesson by inspiring creativity, problem-solving, and peaking interests; The meeperBOT just makes it more fun!  




Why meeperBOTS?

The meeperBOT is an easy-to-use and engaging way to invest in education.  Using the meeperBOT and the STEM learning you will ignite an interest in robotics, create a simple introduction to coding, and encourage problem-solving throughout many activities. 






Explore scientific concepts with advanced and simple machines. 

Observe, identify, describe, and experiment.

 Coding with the meeperBOT is easy but there is a lot to learn from using our app.  

Advance, progress, create, and achieve.

Using bricks to build a one of a kind bot that is dynamic and creatively engineered.

Build, design, make, and construct.

 Making math fun is easy when it involves playing with gears, pulleys, tracks, and speed.

Measure, formulate, quantify, and compute.



MeeperBOTS For Schools and Libraries

We always love to hear what you have to say!  Here is what a few of our favorite schools and libraries are saying:

"The kids were completely engaged in the learning.  They were bringing others to the classroom to highlight their track that they created and their work." - 6th Grade Advanced Math

"Our students love the ability to have immediate success in controlling how the Meeperbots move. This was a great find that allows students to take LEGO building to another level.  Thank-you!"

For more information check out our library page.



There are endless possibilities with your meeperBOT but here are a few of the activities on our learning guides:   

King Of The Hill: Push your enemies off the hill to remain king of the hill!

Meeper Drag Race: Make a race track and race against your friends for that first place spot!

Battle BOTs: Design your own destruction bot and battle them against other BOTs!

And many more!


Best Builds