Start Your BOT!


Getting Started Tutorial

Start up your BOT

  • Unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom of BOT 2.0
  • Put in a 9V Battery
  • Put the screws back in BOT 2.0
  • Turn on BOT 2.0. The blue light on the bottom will start flashing

    Download the Controller App

    • Go to the Google Play or Apple AppStore
    • Search for 'meeperbot' or 'meeperbots'
    • If you are having difficulty with the App, here is more information. 

    Connect your BOT(s)

    Scan for BOTS
    Connect Your BOTS Screen
    • Select Scan for BOTS
      • Select your BOT
      • Hit CONNECT
      • The blue light will stop flashing with the BOT is connected.
    • Still having questions? mpr10 will be more than happy to assist you! Go into the App and click on the menu button in the top right corner next to the Meeper "M" logo, then select "Tutorial".

      Drive Controller Screen

      • Tap on the flashing Meeper "M" logo in the top right corner
      • Select "Search For BOTs"
      • Pick your BOT
      • Tap "Connect"
      • The blue light will stop flashing when the BOT is connected, but it will remain on

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