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Welcome to the Meeper Family, we're very excited for you!  So many things to Build, Drive, Code and Create!  We want you to have the best experience ever and to master all the capabilities of your meeperBOT, so here are a few resources to get you started!

The How to Meeper Guide contains all the basics for getting started with your meeperBOT.  Master all the features and functions of the Meeper Controller App and meeperBOT.  The How-To Meeper Guides also provides Classroom Discussion suggestions for STEM lessons.


Download the How to Meeper Guide.




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Safety Awareness

 General Toy Safety

  • Pay attention to the recommended age of the toy that you are purchasing. Some toys have small pieces they pose a choking hazard for children under 6.
  • Read the directions on the toys.
  • Teach your children how to use the toy properly and what not to do with it.


  • You will need to install a 9-Volt battery into your meeperBOT.
  • Please use only 9V alkaline based batteries from reputable manufactures (Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Eveready, Panasonic). Rechargeable 9V batteries may also be used. Do not use old or worn out batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly.



The Meeper Controller App is compatible with smart devices that support the 4.0 version Bluetooth (BLE).

We recommend downloading the meeperBOT Controller App to help ensure compatibility!

Kindle Fire.  

  • Kindle Fire devices back to 2014 support BLE 4.0.

    Apple Devices. *Note:  For the best experience, we recommend iOS devices.

    • Operating system - 8.0
    • iPhones: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, etc.
    • iPads: iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
    • iPod: iPod touch (5th Generation)

      Android Devices

      • Operating system - 5.0 (Marshmallow) 
      • Android Phones dating back to 2011 generally have Bluetooth 4.0. However, there are many variations of Android devices.  We recommend downloading the meeperBOT Controller App to help ensure compatibility.  
      • Android Tablets. There are also MANY Android tablets. Some Android tablets may say they have Bluetooth 4.0, but when we tested them, the Bluetooth did not work or support the Meeper Controller App.  Go to the App Store and download the device to help ensure compatibility.


      Get the App

      MeeperBOTs Controller App 2.5                         

      MeeperBOT 2.5 or MeeperBOT 2.84 - Current Version    

      Available for Apple and Android Devices



      If you are still having trouble locating or downloading the Controller App, please email us at


      Start Your BOT

      Install your Battery

      • Unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom of BOT 2.0
      • Put in a 9V Battery
      • Put the screws back in BOT 2.0
      • Turn on BOT 2.0. The blue light on the bottom will start flashing
        Open the Controller App
        • Select Scan for BOTS
          • Select your BOT
          • Hit CONNECT
          • The blue light will stop flashing with the BOT is connected.
        • Still having questions? mpr10 will be more than happy to assist you! Go into the App and click on the menu button in the top right corner next to the Meeper "M" logo, then select "Tutorial".


          Build! Code! Drive!

          You've got your meeperBOT and your Meeper Controller App, so let's get started!


          The meeperBOT 2.0 is fully brick-block compatible.  Use any of your existing kits and bricks and build on the top, bottom and even the inside of the meeperBOT!  Let your imagination run wild

          Check out some of the builds in our gallery and send us your pics!


          The Meeper Controller App has four great Drive Modes.  The driving mode can be changed at any time by clicking the left and right arrows.  

          Command Drive
          This is the standard drive mode. It allows drivers to click on the arrows to control which way their BOT drives.  It's great when you are starting out or for younger children.
            Touch Drive
            This drive mode gives drivers a joystick-style approach to taking control of their BOT. Just drag the center circle around inside of the outlines to get your BOT rolling.
              Tank Drive

              This drive mode is built more for horizontally-oriented devices. It allows drivers to use one hand to control the forward and backward movements of the BOT while another hand controls the left and right movements.

              Energy Leash

              Drivers can also play a game of hot-and-cold with their BOTs.  Place the BOT far away from the device and watch as it tries to track down its own Bluetooth signal.  Use the Hot, Cold and Obstacle buttons to help give your BOT hints.

              Multi-BOT Mode

              After you download the Controller App, you will select the BOTS to connect.  You can connect up to 8 BOTS at once.  You can then control them simultaneously or individually both in the Drive Mode and BOT Code.  

              Name your BOTS, pick your icon and colors and switch between them to control them separately or Mirror them to control them all at the same time.


              Learn to program with BOT Code!  The easiest programming available. Drag-and-drop scratch like commands to create a routine and then run that code on your BOT or virtually in the App.  

              The coding module in the App can be accessed through the drop-down menu located in the upper left corner.  Select "Bot Code".

              Check out how a simple drag-and-drop method can create as complex of a routine as you can think up!



              Here are some helpful tutorials we posted on youtube!



              Here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


              How to Replace Wheels & Axles

              What you need:

              Front (small) Wheels

              Front Wheels simply pop off the axle and you can replace these with your new Meeper colored wheels or other brick-block vendor wheels.  Meeper Wheels fit and look the best with the circles on the spokes of the wheels facing out.

              Front Axles

              To replace a front axle:

              • Pull wheels off horizontally to expose the axles.
              • Remove the two screws from the bottom of the BOT with a 1/8” screwdriver.
              • Remove the top of chassis.
              • Using the 1/8” screwdriver, pry the brick ‘hub’ up to remove it from the chassis.
              • Slide axle out of the hub.
              • Replace new axles/hubs. Be sure the hubs are snug to the chassis.
              • Replace top chassis and screws.
              • Replace wheels – the circles on the spokes of the wheels facing out.


              Rear (Large) Wheels

              The rear wheels fit very tightly on the axles.  You might need to use a spoon or a screwdriver to push off the wheels.  You can also place the wheel on a raised surface and provide a light tap to the axle to pop it out of the wheel. 

              Rear Axles

              The rear axle on the rear motor shaft also fits tightly.  Take a small screwdriver or a spoon and pry off gently the axle from the motor shaft.  When replacing an axle, note that the rear axle is keyed -- meaning the there is a flat surface on the axle insert that lines up with the flat surface on the motor shaft.

              Caution:  Always be careful when using sharp objects, such as your screwdriver, to pry on axles or hubs.



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