'MeeperBOT takes Legos to next level'

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March 29th, 2015

A child's love for LEGOs sparks the start of a toy-tech company

Sometimes, the eyes of a child can envision possibilities adults might otherwise miss....

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November 9th, 2015

meeperBOTS Makes Your Lego Projects Mobile

Lego builders that would like to be able to create vehicles that can be controlled wirelessly using companion smartphone and tablet applications, maybe interested in a new platform called meeperBOTS.

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November 10th, 2015

meeperBOTS 2.0 on Kickstarter- Turn Your Lego Blocks into Amazing Machines!

meeperBOTS bring a whole new dimension to traditional brick-block play and the Power Platform lets you build and share your own 3D designs to customize your BOTS.

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