Our Vision

Meeper Technology, LLC strives to enable new experiences, learning and creativity for imaginative minds, providing our Power BOTS to power your bricks and our open Power Platform which includes BOTs, 3D MOCs and files, and Programs in our Meeper Marketplace where we share this with our Meeper Makers and let our Makers share their own creations and ideas. Our vision and guiding principles include:

Power BOTS

  • Make Your Creations Move! We’ll provide all different BOT form factors, Power Assemblies and the Smart Phone Controller App to make your creations move.

Power Platform

  • Sharing Creations! We’ll provide an open platform and share our designs, 3D prints, activities/games and in the future Power Programs that you can build upon and share back with the Maker Community.

Meeper Maker Community

  • Enable a robust community of Meeper Makers to continue to enhance the Market and share innovations and inventions that millions of kids can share, learn and have fun!

Digital + Physical Immersive Experiences

  • We combine your BOT and physical toy play with your digital play in the Controller allowing you to change your digital world. Create a whole new immersive experience, for example a Construction experience. Create your MOC with an earthmover or backhoe. Layout your play area – in this case a Construction Site. Finally, change your Controller to a Construction SKIN and you are now the General Contractor of your own Construction Site!


  • We back our BOTS 100% and we’ll fix them, see our Meeper Maintenance guarantee and our Meeper Garage

Childhood Learning & Creativity

  • Enable childhood learning, creativity and fun. We will support non-profit organizations with those same goals. We love to attend events and camps to help you with learning activities with meeperBOTS. We provide non-profit discounts for your organization to obtain BOTs for children’s activities. We also will support fundraising for your organizations. Learn about our fundraising program.

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