meeperBOTS:  Digital Control Brick Learning Platform

Enrich Play & Promote STEM Learning with Robotics, Coding and Building Experiences

A brick-block compatible, studded power platform.  Controlled by your smart phone or tablet with the meeperBOT Controller App.

Includes three digital drive controllers, video/camera mode, comics and ground-breaking BOT Coding to program your BOT!

Build! Code! Drive!


meeperBOT 2.0

Durable ABS plastic chassis.  Fully brick-block compatible.

  • Featues a front hitch, back hitch and removable wheels.
  • Dual, rear-wheel 300 RPM motors.
  • Bluetooth “BLE” sensor-driven.
  • Eight Colors!!

 meeperBOT Controller App

  • Smart Phone Controller App turns your Smart phone or tablet in to a Controller. Appleor Android compatible.
  • Three Controller Drive Modes: Command Drive, Touch Drive and Tank Drive
  • Single and 8-way multi-BOT Control.
  • Electric Leash follows or finds you!
  • Comics – meet mpr10 and BOT2.0 and help them build, create and innovate their way out of all kinds of situations.

BOT Coding.  Ground-breaking coding that allows you to create a program and run the code on your BOT.  Watch your program execute on your BOT or virtual BOTS. 

  • Video and camera mode let’s you save your creations and memories and share them with others.

Personalize your BOT with names, colors, and icons

The most versatile robotics learning platform on the planet! 

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