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  Enrich Play & Promote STEM Learning with Robotics, Coding and Building Experiences. 

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What is the Meeper Maker Space?

Unique, fun, hands-on learning, STEM-based maker space with meeperBOTS, tools, robotics, classes, bricks and more!

Enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning with hands-on robotics, electronics, plastics, 3D print, and brick-blocks, enabled with a rich, digital platform for coding and controlling your builds and creations.

The Meeper Maker Space is outfitted with the resources and tools necessary to build, explore, increasing STEM skills learning the ins and outs of meeperBOTS!  Connected to our meeperBOT Shop, the Meeper Maker Space can be used for a simple day out with your kids or full-blown field trips for schools and Maker Clubs!  BOT Birthday parties hosted in this space are also available!

What can you do at the Meeper Maker Space?

Project-based learning and free play environment.  Create, invent, build, explore, tinker, drive, compete, collaborate and more in a fun, engaging, interactive maker space.  

The meeperBOT is the lowest-cost, easiest robotics toy available.  The versatiliyt of the meeperBOT platform for learning is amazing.  The BOT works out of the box, turn it on, connect and you are off and running with basic Build, Code & Drive activities to more advanced Coding and Building lessons.

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Meeper Maker Play & Membership

Looking for something to do after school or on a Saturday?  Come to the Meeper Maker Space for free play.  

Build-a-BOT in the meeperBOT Shop and take it to the Maker Space and use our bricks, huge driving tables and devices to play Build, Code and Drive.  

Bring your own BOT and play away.  You can also check-out our Demo BOTS and devices and spend a few hours playing, racing, building and more.  Low hourly rate, $10/hour/visitor.

Check our schedule or call to make sure we are open, or make an appointment.

You'll love the Maker Space and want to come back for more.  You can purchase a monthly membership for $50/month and use the space anytime during the month when it is available.  

BOT Birthday Parties


 Fun, learning, cake and more!

Build-a-BOT Birthday Party.  All children receive a meeperBOT 2.0 and can Build-a-BOT, selecting bricks to build on their BOT and they get to keep the BOT and their brick build!  

BOT Birthday Party.  Birthday child receives a meeperBOT 2.0.   All attending kids get to build on a demo BOT and use it for the duration of the party.  Grab bags will be given to all invited guests! 

All parties have full use of our Meeper Maker Space for two hours of Build, Code & Drive Activities!

    What is in the Meeper Maker Space?

    Meeper Garage

    Fully equipped, electronics, plastics and quality assurance stations.  See behind the scenes with the Machines we use to invent the meeperBOT, including 3D Printers, CNC Machines, Injection Molding machines and more.

    Stations for the Make-a-BOT program include electronics, assembly and quality assurance.

    As a bonus -- see the history of the meeperBOT development.

    Maker Space

    Large 5' and 6' foot square driving tables for group activities, classes, training and collaboration.  

    Bricks, bricks and more bricks for building activities.  Kits for gears, pulleys, levers and other advanced lessons.

    3D printers for making your own bricks.


    Lots of demo BOTS & Devices and large screen monitors for learning lessons.

    meeperBOT Shop

    The learning is unlimited, so if you ran out of time at the Maker Space, you can pick up your meeperBOTS so you and your child can continue the learning and fun at home.

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