Replace Axles or Wheels

 What you need:

  • 1/8” screw driver

  • Spoon or other rigid metal object
  • New axles or wheels

Front (Smaller Wheels)

Front Wheels

Front Wheels simply pop off the axle and you can replace these with your new Meeper colored wheels or other brick-block vendor wheels.  Meeper Wheels fit and look the best with the circles on the spokes of the wheels facing out.

Front Axles

To replace a front axle:

  • Pull wheels off horizontally to expose the axles.
  • Remove the two screws from the bottom of the BOT with a 1/8” screwdriver.
  • Remove the top of chassis.
  • Using the 1/8” screwdriver, pry the brick ‘hub’ up to remove it from the chassis.
  • Slide axle out of the hub.
  • Replace new axles/hubs. Be sure the hubs are snug to the chassis.
  • Replace top chassis and screws.
  • Replace wheels – the circles on the spokes of the wheels face out.


Rear (Larger Wheels)


Rear Wheels

The rear wheels fit very tightly on the axles.  You might need to use a spoon or a screwdriver to push off the wheels.  You can also place the wheel on a raised surface and provide a light tap to the axle to pop it out of the wheel. 

Rear Axles

The rear axle on the rear motor shaft also fits tightly.  Take a small screw driver or a spoon and pry off gently the axle from the motor shaft.  When replacing an axle, note that the rear axle is keyed -- meaning the there is a flat surface on the axle insert that lines up with the flat surface on the motor shaft.


Caution:  Always be careful when using sharp objects, such as your screwdriver, to pry on axles or hubs.



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