Happy Customers & Retailers

Here at Meeper Technology we love hearing back from happy Meeper BOT drivers! We're always looking for more great stories about how much customers (and their kids, of course) love their Meeper BOTs! Below are just a few different places we've received some positive feedback from:

After a meeperBOT event at their school a 3rd grader stated,  “this is the best day of my life”  


Mrs. (Shelly) Grothaus has just completed a two week curriculum course with the meeperBOT at Nature Hill  (6th Grade Advanced Math).   "The kids were completely engaged in the learning.   They were bringing others to the classroom to highlight their track that they created and their work."


Robotics Coach: "I really liked how easy it is to use with the Apple Ipad, also the ability to program the robot is a useful tool in the classroom." 


Meeperbots have totally reignited student interest in building with LEGOS.  Students enjoy making custom builds for many types of machines and vehicles, experimenting with the different ways that they can modify the Meeperbots to work with the LEGOs for different outcomes, and then testing their theories using the free app download to control the robotics from their personal phones.  Our students love the ability to have immediate success in controlling how the Meeperbots move. This was a great find that allows students to take LEGO building to another level.  Thank-you!  
      –Mrs. Kyle, WMS Advanced Learners Coordinator/Coach   

“EV3s are ridiculously expensive and not nearly as much fun as these.  Meeperbots are awesome!”  
      – Andrew R., 7th grader  

If you're thrilled with your recent purchase, we're always welcoming more feedback. Please send us an email at info@meepertek.com to fill us in!

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