Makerspace Classes

 Build!, Code! Drive! Program

Build:  Build Kits and learning activities range from basic building, patterns and more for younger age groups, up to gears, pulleys, levers, and force for more advanced learning.

Code:  Use Scratch-like programming commands to control and master your BOT.  Learn basic coding commands to more advanced if-then, and nested loops.  Create and save a program that makes your BOT go in a figure-8, follow an obstacle course or race multi-BOTS in your program.  Include sounds and other special features in your program.

Drive: Bring your Build and Code together to Drive and make your creations move!  Learn the basics of starting your BOT, connecting BOT(s), personalizing your BOT, four drive modes, sounds, video and camera modes and much more!  

3D Brick Print Classes Learn the basics of 3D printing to create your own custom bricks that you can include in your meeperBOT Builds.
Meeper Make-a-BOT Program

Make Your Own BOT from the inside out.  Learn about the electronics that run the BOT and solder your BOT board.  Wire up your BOT with motors and insert your assembly in to the plastic chassis.  Add tires, rims and hubs and your are ready to test!  Run through basic Quality Assurance steps to make sure your BOT is working properly and then start Coding!

Activities held in our fully equipped Meeper Garage where we build, innovate, repair and develop our meeperBOTS!

Maker Play

Looking for something to do after school or on a Saturday?  Come to the Meeper Maker Space for free play.  

Build-a-BOT in the meeperBOT Shop and take it to the Maker Space and use our bricks, huge driving tables and devices to play Build, Code and Drive.  

You can also check-out our Demo BOTS and devices and spend a few hours playing, racing, building and more.

Check our schedule or call to make sure we are open, or make an appointment.


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