Build! Code! Drive!

You've got your meeperBOT and your Meeper Controller App, so let's get started!


The meeperBOT 2.0 is fully brick-block compatible.  Use any of your existing kits and bricks and build on the top, bottom and even the inside of the meeperBOT!  Let your imagination run wild

Check out some of the builds in our gallery and send us your pics!


The Meeper Controller App has four great Drive Modes.  The driving mode can be changed at any time by selecting the "Drive Mode" menu at the bottom of the screen.

meeperBOT Controller App Drive Modes

Command Drive

This is the standard drive mode. It allows drivers to click on the arrows to control which way their BOT drives.  It's great when you are starting out or for younger children.

    Touch Drive

    This drive mode gives drivers a joystick-style approach to taking control of their BOT. Just drag the center circle around inside of the outlines to get your BOT rolling.

      Tank Drive

      This drive mode is built more for horizontally-oriented devices. It allows drivers to use one hand to control the forward and backward movements of the BOT while another hand controls the left and right movements.

      Energy Leash

      Drivers can also play a game of hot-and-cold with their BOTs.  Place the BOT far away from the device and watch as it tries to track down its own Bluetooth signal.  Use the Hot, Cold and Obstacle buttons to help give your BOT hints.

      Multi-BOT Mode

      After you download the Controller App, you will select the BOTS to connect.  You can connect up to 8 BOTS at once.  You can then control them simultaneously or individually both in the Drive Mode and BOT Code.  

      Name your BOTS, pick your icon and colors and switch between them to control them separately or Mirror them to control them all at the same time.


      Learn to program with BOT Code!  The easiest programming available.  Drag-and-drop scratch like commands to create a routine and then run that code on your BOT or virtually in the App.  

      The coding module in the App can be accessed through the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner.  Select "Bot Code" to open the module
      Check out how a simple drag-and-drop method can create as complex of a routine as you can think up!

      Here are a couple of tutorials.



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