We love to have fun here at our Galactic Headquarters and we have spent many hours playing and planning our activity and learning guides.  Here is a list of our favorite activities, kid tested and approved:

King Of The Hill: Push your enemies off the hill to remain king of the hill!


Meeper Drag Race: Make a race track and race against your friends for that first place spot!  Time your partners to find out speed and velocity.  

**To increase difficulty try to use the BOTCode section of your app.


Battle BOTs: Design your own battle bot and battle them against other bots!  Experiment with different styles and strategize to become the strongest bot.  


Meeper Soccer: Create soccer teams and jerseys with your bots and compete for most goals!  (Hint: Be sure to include a good catcher in front to guide the ball.) 


Destruction BOT: Create a meeperBOT that will destroy the most buildings or towers.  Find out which structures are most vulnerable to destruction.


Best Bot Competitions: See who can build the most creative bots.  Compete for things like tallest, longest, and most indestructible. 


Bridges and Bots: With limited supplies, create a bridge for your bot to cross.  Test gravity and your own engineering to complete this challenge.  


Meeper Maze Race: Create mazes to race or push objects through.  Watch out for obstacles and trap rooms!  

**To increase difficulty try to use the BOTCode section of your app. 


Smash Up Derby: Get into teams and compete in 2-minute heat rounds until the strongest bot wins!


Meeper Parade: Follow the leader through obstacles or mazes while parading your creations.


Meeper Shape Maker: Trace shapes and letters!  


More activities and lesson are available from us and our partners.  Visit our Demco's, activity guide here!





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