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Enrich Play & Promote STEM Learning with Robotics, Coding and Building Experiences.

Our Story

What’s better than a Lego™ toy? Only a Lego™ toy that MOVES!!  This was the inspiration for the meeperBOT©. A brick-block motor base with studs, studs and more studs to build your favorite LEGO, Mega Bloks, Duplo or other brick block creation and make it MOVE with our smartphone Mobile App Controller.Liz, Wil and Jim the creators of meeperBOTs

Our first product, meeperBOTS, is inspired by co-founder Jim Brandon's 6-year old son, Will spends hours with his Lego™ kits and creating his own custom masterpieces. Will said the only thing that could make his Legos® better is if they would MOVE! Will wanted to get more out of his Legos® and so do we. Will is our product expert, and is also our product's number one critic because he will not accept anything less than the best! It must be cool, sleek, easy-to-use, easily integrate as another Lego component in his kits as well as be fun and exciting to drive and control!

So Meeper Technology, LLC was founded in September 2014 to create new, engaging experiences for kids to make their brick-block and eventually other toys MOVE! Our patent-pending BOTS and Mobile App Controller use BLE sensors to control the BOTS – up to four or more at a time!

What's a Meeper?

Meeper is the signal, connection and sound that connects the Meeper Controller to the meeperBOT.


mpr10 is our hero.


BOTS that move and are used to create vehicles, solve problem, build things and are controlled by the child in the meeperBOT Controller App.  mpr10's sidekick is BOTT0, the meeperBOT that helps mpr10 build, create and learn.


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