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STEM:IT Curriculum Series

STEM:IT is a series of courses, K-5, Middle and High School  which provides STEM Lessons for coding, 3D printer, maker challenges, Career Focus Lessons, AFNR lessons and much more.  STEM:IT provides a full CTE pathway from K-12.  Lessons are integrated to core curriculum and align to standards in all 50 states.

STEM:IT with Robotics Curriculum Series

STEM:IT just got better with integrated robotics and circuitry lessons!  The courses include K-5 and Middle School.

STEM:IT Robotics Kits

Meeper Robotics Kits complement your STEM:IT with Robotics Curriculum.  Do you need additional robotics so that another classroom or Makerspace can use the STEM:IT lessons at the same time? Additional STEM:IT Robotics Classroom Kits and Student Kits are available.