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In an era of Distance Learning where students don’t have access to the makerspace or robotics/ circuitry kits in the classroom, we must still advance robotics and circuitry STEM learning.  Digital lessons aren’t sufficient.  Children still need access to physical robots and circuits to code and control, experiment and learn, and bring the digital lessons to life.

Meeper Remote Robotics is the answer!  

Remote Robotics allows teachers with the physical robotics/circuitry kits to host a Meeper Control Room which allows students to connect and code/control a teacher’s robots and circuits.  

Teachers can see the BOTCode or Blockly code and watch the BOTS/Circuits to evaluate and coach the student on their robotics/circuitry lessons.

Students can see their Code and Control lessons come to life on the teacher’s robots and circuits which are displayed to the student via their Zoom or other session.

In addition, Code Sharing allows students to collaborate on code together ensuring you can still do team projects and lessons with the project design life cycle.

Check out the video tutorials here.

STEM FuseMeeper Remote Robotics works with and enables all STEMFuse STEM:IT with Robotics, and ROBOT:IT lessons for robotics and circuitry to be accomplished via distance learning.


Meeper Control Room

Meeper Control Room:  How it Works!

Meeper Control Room is easy to get up and running in the Meeper App.  Both Student and Teacher download and use the same Meeper App and access the Control Center from the Main Menu.

  • Teachers Host a Control Room (Assigned a Control Room Code)
  • Students Join a Control Room (Enter Control Room Code)
    • Student is automatically connected to the Teacher’s BOTS and Circuits 
Meeper Control Room

  • Student Robot/Circuit Control
    • Student can Control any Teacher BOTS & Circuits with the Control screen in their Meeper App
  • Student Coding
    • Student can write BOTCode or Blockly code and upload code to the Teacher by using the Run Command
  • Teacher will be notified Code has been uploaded and uses the Run command to execute the Code
    • Teachers share the BOT and Circuit physical response via their Zoom or other video session.
    • Teachers provide feedback on the student lesson
  • Students can modify and upload
Remote Code Share

Meeper Code Sharing:  Student Collaboration

STEM is all about collaboration and the project design life cycle which is most effective working in teams.  In a remote environment, it’s difficult for students to collaborate together, especially while developing code.  Meeper Code Sharing allows students to collaborate on code and then upload this code to the teacher Control Room to see the results of their effort together.  Code Sharing is enabled for both BOTCode and Blockly coding.  It’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Students save their code and upload to the Cloud. (A four-digit code is provided)
  2. Students share four-digit code with their team members.
  3. Team members download the code. Code is saved in the students Save Code library for reuse.

In this manner students can collaborate and share code back and forth and then upload to the teacher Control Room when ready.

Meeper Code Sharing