GAME:IT Intermediate

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GAME:IT Intermediate is an intermediate level course in game design and development that engages students in a real life game development company . Throughout the course students act as a game development company to craft a game. In addition, students build 3 guided games that build on some of the functionality required in their own unique team game. 

After completing the 3 guided games, students form teams and truly dive into how a real game development company comes up with a game and actually develops it. This course isn't simply just in building games, but rather in the process of actual game development. Teams are required to form an idea, come up with a marketing plan, outline various roles, develop a proposal, provide weekly status reports and much more. 

While it is NOT a requirement, having gone through GAME:IT will only enhance the students ability to get through the 3 guided game tutorials, but also go beyond in creating their own unique game. Finally, students will also build upon their portfolio and learn about colleges in their area that offer programs in game development and research game development career opportunities.

GAME:IT Intermediate is more than just building games, it is about building a foundation for further advancement. 

GAME:IT Intermediate keeps with the same principles that made GAME:IT such a huge success. We listened to teachers and adapted their best practices into our new curriculum. This 18 week (90 hour) course offers flexibility for your school. GAME:IT Intermediate can be taught as a stand-alone elective, as part of a CTE program, as a supplement to math or physics class or even as an after-school or summer learning program.

To learn more, take part in a live Game:IT Intermediate training. The subscription to this course is per school. There is no limit to the number of students that can take the course during the subscription period or the number of teachers that can utilize the course materials in their classroom.

GAME:IT Intermediate
GAME:IT Intermediate

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